Desi Rockstars Reloaded USA Tour Off to a Flying Start!

GippyGrewalUberPunjabiA few years ago, critics around the world labeled the Punjabi entertainment industry as dead. Films were flopping left and right and singers were merely one hit wonders.  All that has changed. Not only is the industry booming in India, its rising popularity with next generation non-resident Indians has scaled to new heights. Just in the past year alone the number of Punjabi artists touring Canada, USA, Australia, and other countries has almost tripled.

Presented by Madhar Productions, the recently kicked off Desi Rockstars Reloaded USA Tour featuring Gippy Grewal, Jassi Gill, and Babbal Rai, debuted with a sold out show in Sacramento followed by the 6th Annual ikPunjabi Mela in Virginia. Uber Punjabi had a chance to catch them live at the mela and talk to locals on what they thought.


BABBAL RAI (Photo: Candy Photos/Kulwinder Singh Flora)

Even with a thunderstorm passing, people from all over the DC Metropolitan Area, both Punjabi and non-Punjabi, flocked Bull Run Park.  Organizers estimated more than 7,000+ were in attendance and due to popular demand extended the performances an additional hour.

Babbal opened the show with his latest hits and got the crowd on their toes.  In a previous interview with Uber Punjabi, he said “whatever I felt I sang and that’s what made me famous”.   His humble personality is reflected in his music and performance. The audience loved it!

Gippy headlined the ikPunjabi Mela two years ago and returned for his second performance. “Last time I came, this place turned into a dance club!” stated the Desi Rockstar. There is no comparison to the star power he holds and the crowd went crazy; especially when he sang his latest hit, Oscar, to live dhol.


GIPPY GREWAL (Photo: Candy Photos/Kulwinder Singh Flora)

I have been working with Gippy before the debut of his first movie and this is the fourth time.  He’s one of the fewest artists who is still humble even after his career took off and always shows respect whenever he comes in town.  He didn’t only bring out the Indians, but the Afghans, Pakistanis, and people of other ethnicities.  That’s the kind of star power he has,” said Novi Bhuller, one of the main promoters.

Having to catch a flight to India the same evening, Gippy passed the baton to Jassi who is riding high off the success of his latest single, Gabbroo.  Jassi jumped right into singing his superhits like Laden, Bapu Zimidar, and Range while continuing to keep the audience on their toes.   Babbal joined on stage to close out the show matching Jassi’s bhangra steps while they performed a duet off their next album. “Jassi and Babbal are very dynamic as a team and really know how to hype up the crowd. Their fan base is hardcore,” said Novi. “The event would not have been possible without the entire ikPunjabi team and our sponsors as well as Platinum Entertainment. Overall, the event was a success. The only issue now is that expectations are high for the next one!


JASSI GILL (Photo: Candy Photos/Kulwinder Singh Flora)

Written and Published By: Uber Punjabi

Special Thanks to Candy Photos for providing live coverage and photos!

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