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Location: California

Why is Bally Sagoo your favorite Punjabi artist? Bally Sagoo is a timeless icon that has had a lasting change on both Hindi and Punjabi music as it’s known. He’s a talent that has introduced some of the most iconic music legends to a younger audience while maintaining the style of music. He has dominated the industry and continues to deliver game changing music for nearly three decades. Bally was one of the first producers to work with the likes of Nusrat, Malkit and Amitabh. He has such a versatile style. His music is perfect for an exhilarating drive, relaxing sufi session and dance floor necessity. I’ve never seen anyone able to succeed with anything he touches.

What makes you Bally Sagoo’s biggest fan? I don’t question things that are definite.

Have you met Bally Sagoo? Yes, it was definitely an unforgettable night seeing him perform at D.C. club, 1223.BallySagoo1

What is your favorite thing about Bally Sagoo? Bally Sagoo is beautiful all around. #crush

In the future, what would you like to see or hear from Bally Sagoo? I love both when he goes traditional Punjabi and Bollywood flashbacks; would be neat to see what he does with Punjabi classic songs next.

Your favorite Bally Sagoo Song? It’s hard to pick just one, Chura Liya and Jugni are two songs I can’t live without.

Your favorite Bally Sagoo Movie? Sajna Ve Sajna


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