“We have some mad crazy fans and we love them!” – Nindy Kaur

Name: Nindy Kaur

Birthday: November 21

Hometown: Toronto

Motto: Life is too short!

How did you get into the industry?
My family loved listening to music.  Mohammad Saddiq and Kuldeep Manak were the records that played non-stop. So as a child, I loved music.  In the 80s, I grew up listening to a lot of the UK bands and
Mister Manj Musik forcefully got me into the wonderful world of singing!  Been an amazing and interesting experience till date!  Learnt tons and still learning…

NindyKaurImage1What would you consider being the turning point of your career?
I have to say singing the title track and the Boliyan for Aloo Chaat changed everything. All of a sudden, I was hearing my voice in Bollywood movies with Bollywood actors fronting it! What a feeling; it seemed surreal. Still takes a little getting used to…

How did you meet Manj and how does it feel to be in the same industry?
You would need a five page spread if I were to tell the meeting story!  Long story short  – we met, instantly fell in love, got engaged within three months of knowing one another and married after six months.   Fifteen years later we’re stronger than ever!  It’s amazing working with Manj. He is super confident in anything he does. He brings the good out of me and always very positive. I may be unhappy with how I sound or if I like the song, but he convinces me and uplifts me so much.  With the grace of God, it always turns out for the best!

Being a mom and a wife, is it hard to manage?
Yes, for sure it can be a struggle.  When Anoop was a lot younger, it was extremely hard. He’s ten now and he helps me all the time.  He takes the stress away.  Always helping Mommy and Daddy!  He loves working with us in the studio, too. Yes, we do have the normal life, too. School, homework, and me in the kitchen; we all manage it all together

What can fans see from you in the near future?
I have a single coming out very soon titled Margaye for an upcoming film, Beiiman Love, starring Sunny Leone. She’s actually fronting the song. Manj produced and also sang on the track while Raftaar rapped on it. I would describe it as a chilled summer tune. Hope everyone finds it as catchy as I do!

Have you been approached or thought about being in Punjabi films?
I have been approached to act in Punjabi movies, but feel I should stick to what I’m good at and that is singing.  I don’t want my fans to be disappointed as I don’t think I have the best acting skills.  I also don’t see me having time to do movies as I hardly have minutes free in my life today!

If you could pick a Punjabi hero to be cast opposite, who would it be (besides Manj, of course!)? Gippy NindyKaurAnoopManjPaaji. He’s an amazing individual and I can see myself being comfortable working with him. He’s also done amazing for Punjabi cinema!

What do you like the best about your profession?
It’s fun! The fans’ love!  Making people’s special days even more special. Dressing up in amazing outfits! Hair, Makeup! The package deal!

What is your most memorable performance?
There have been countless memorable performances, but the most that stands out has to be Pakistan.  In Islamabad there was a huge stadium and about 30,000 people.  They were all singing our songs at the top of their lungs! Wow! What a feeling!

Who would you like to do a collaboration with?
Right now, I’m really liking the rapper G-Eazy. He’s amazing and I love all his work.   He’s also super handsome  (an added bonus…lol)

If you could perform anywhere, where would it be?
It will always be Delhi.  We have some MAD CRAZY FANS and I LOVE THEM. Delhi is one place where the fans never fail to interact and are super welcoming!

Favorite Punjabi Singer?NindyKaurManj1
Kaur B at the moment.  She has an amazing voice!

Favorite Punjabi Movie?
Jatt & Juliet

Favorite Punjabi Song?
Sadi Gali

Favorite Punjabi Food?

Favorite Punjabi Actor?
Guggi (he never fails to make me laugh)

Your dress sense is very different from other females in the industry who are typically seen wearing traditional Punjabi or putting on a skin show.  Do you have a stylist or pick your own clothes?
I pick all my own clothes. I love shopping and grab anything that I feel looks good. I also love doing my own hair and makeup for shows! Thank the lord for YouTube and all the tips I’ve learnt. I pick and chose depending on the performance; whether to wear urban or traditional.  I’m not a big fan for flaunting too much skin as I think all females can look absolutely gorgeous without flaunting too much!

What are your favorite clothing brands and types?
I don’t look at specific brands. I usually love going to boutiques that have different and unusual stuff. Something Ifeel that may stand out

What makes you Uber Punjabi?
My love for food, my Punjabi accent, and – oh! – maybe my Aloo Paronthay!

Interviewed and Published by: Uber Punjabi

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